Thank you for your support.

Our Thanks and heartfelt gratitude goes to our invaluable donors that generously supported our projects in South Sudan. They are important in the on-going successes of our humanitarian work; we value their funding support very much and highly appreciated.

  1. United Nations Democracy Funds (UNDEF) Washington DC USA.
  2. National Endowment for Democracy (NED) USA
  3. Latin American, Asian and African Social Housing Services (SELAVIP) South America.
  4. Germany Embassy Juba.
  5. United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) Juba.
  6. Al Khair Foundation (AKF) UK

The generous donations of our existing donors mentioned above have significantly:-

  1. Strengthen peace building, human rights, and good governance and dialogue skills among 5500 youths/women in Jonglei and Unity States in South Sudan.
  2. Increased women and child protection from physical and sexual exploitation and abuses.
  3. Provided decent and durable low cost houses for more than 50 poorest vulnerable widows and single mothers in Mundri East County in South Sudan.
  4. Provide clean drinking water to more than 5000 water insecure residents of Mundri East County that reduce water borne diseases among the water insecure residents in South Sudan.
  5. Save lives of more than 20,000 poorest vulnerable IDP’s from hunger/famine through humanitarian relief food distributions in Mundri West County in South Sudan.

Our new donors and partners.

  1. Your generous donations will have really impacts in saving lives of thousands vulnerable people from hunger/famine in South Sudan.
  2. Your generous donations will strengthen cultures of peace among thousands youth/women of different ethnic groups in South Sudan that will promote peaceful co-existence and harmony in South Sudan.
  3. Your generous donations will increase protection for thousands women/children from physical and sexual exploitations and abuses in South Sudan.
  4. Your generous donations will construct decent and durable low cost houses for hundreds vulnerable widows and single months in South Sudan.
  5. Your generous donations will provide clean drinking water to thousands water insecure people in South Sudan.
  6. Your generous donations will increase access for education in emergency to more than 50,000 hard-to-reach children in South Sudan.

Ways to give.

Fundraising for GREDA

Your incredible efforts to raise cash or donations in-kind will allow us to do what we do. We love you to join us as volunteer.

  • Help us identify sources of help.
  • Speak on our behalf to individual friends and donors.
  • Involve your friends to raise funds for our humanitarian work.
  • Include us in your will.

Donation to GREDA

We are so grateful for every donations we receive from well-wishers worldwide. The hand that gives gets more blessing from the beneficiaries themselves and Almighty God.

Your donation will bring more blessing to yourself, your business and your family.

Leave legacy

When you give your donation (s) or gift(s) to GREDA;  we assure you, your generosity will have real and lasting impacts on the lives of the vulnerable poorest people we are helping in South Sudan.

Monthly donations

You can make your regular donations to GREDA that will help to transform lives in South Sudan.

You can use our “Contact us” to communicate with us directly by telephone or e-mail to get Banking information.