Project title: Strengthen agricultural Local food production through Group/Co-operative farming.

In 2014 GREDA trained 150 agricultural farmers in modern agricultural techniques, agriculture group or co-operative farming including agricultural and environmental friendly good practices in Mundri East County in Western Equatoria State supported by WFP – Juba FOOD FOR ASSET (FFA) program

After the training the agricultural farmers in Mundri East County in 2014; embarked on cutting one tree from their agricultural farm and cultivating new five (5) trees as replacement of the one (1) tree removed for the purpose of agriculture. This was in conformity with Western Equatoria State government policy “Cut one tree” “cultivate five new trees” as replacement. This activity was successfully implemented in Mundri East County and only interrupted by the intensified conflict in 2013/2017 in Western Equatoria State that displaced most of the farmers from Mundri East County to Mundri West

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