Project Title: Improved Nutrition among the poorest IDPs and returnees in South Sudan

Between the periods 2020-2021 GREDA received assorted vitamins donation from Vitamin Angels USA. These vitamins were delivered in displaced/returnees medical centers in Juba and distributed to malnourished children/old aged persons and persons with disabilities, pregnant and lactating mothers to increase their dietary appetite on food to improve their poorest healths.

The Cartons of assorted Vitamins delivered/distributed in Gurei displaced/returnees’ medical center in Juba

Packages of the assorted vitamins received from Vitamin Angles from USA and delivered/distributed in Gurei displaced/returnees medical Centre in Juba.

Photos of the most severe malnourished children

Photos of the most severe malnourished children and old aged mother in dire needs of food items, assorted vitamins and nutritions in Yeri Payam in Mvolo County in Western Equatoria State

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